Introducing The Lullabar, a New Wellness Cafe for Moms + Caregivers

The Lullabar, a new wellness cafe for mothers and caregivers, recently opened its doors at Beacon La Costa in South Carlsbad. Read on to learn more about The Lullabar’s variety of services and amenities designed to help mothers relax, recharge, and reconnect with themselves and their community.

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A Wellness Cafe to Relax, Recharge + Get Stuff Done

The Lullabar‘s founders, Stephanie and Christine, are both mothers who know the importance and also the struggle of finding time for self-care. 

“Christine and I vented to each other about how difficult it was to get time for ourselves without feeling the guilt of leaving our kids home,” said Stephanie. “We said to each other ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have adult-centered atmosphere WITH a play gym? How cool would that be?’”

Two years later, that dream has become a reality. The Lullabar is a beautiful, welcoming space located just off of El Camino Real and La Costa Ave in South Carlsbad featuring a full cafe and coffee bar, a wellness workshop room, a luxe nail salon, and a kids play gym. 

Kids Play Gym

The Lullabar is centered around the kids play gym, with self-care services like workshops and mani/pedis offered within the two-hour slots. The play gym is a beautiful, clean space designed with natural materials and bookings for the gym must be made in advance. The cost is $35 per child for a 2-hour reservation, $20 for a sibling and $17.50 for a third sibling.

Luxe Nail Salon

The Lullabar’s nail salon is set on giving moms and caregivers a restorative, pampering experience. You can even order coffee while you’re receiving your treatments! Prices start at $59 for a gel manicure and all of The Lullabar’s nail products are clean and vegan.

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Cafe + Connection

The relaxing, well-appointed cafe is open to the public and offers espresso coffee drinks, matcha and kids steamers. The cafe also offers baked goods from local bakery Prager Bros plus sandwiches, salads, chia puddings and desserts made by local plant-based chef Nicole Estrada of Fresh Creations

The cafe also offers free Wifi, making it a great place to catch up on work or have a coworking session with other working parents while your kids are entertained in the play gym.

the lullabar wellness cafe beacon la costa carlsbad

Wellness Workshops for Moms + Caregivers

The Lullabar offers regular wellness workshops designed just for moms + caregivers, and many of the classes are baby-friendly, too. Cost per workshop ranges from $30-$60 and class topics include:

  • Anxiety in Motherhood
  • Babywearing Connection
  • Dance with Baby
  • Fostering Speech + Language Development
  • Mama Meditation + Belly Breathing
  • Nutritional Support for Mothers
  • Parenting Through Picky Eating
  • Pelvic Floor Prep for Birth + Postpartum Pelvis 101
  • Practicing + Teaching Positive Body Image
  • Relationships + Boundaries in Motherhood
  • Sleep Solutions
  • Sound Bath Meditation

A Wellness Cafe to Relax, Recharge + Get Stuff Done

The Lullabar has been well-received by mothers in the Carlsbad area. “I love that The Lullabar has everything I need in one place,” said Ashley P., mom of 2. “I can drop my kids off at the play gym, get a manicure, and then catch up with work while I enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s the perfect way to relax and recharge.”

Here are some of the benefits of visiting The Lullabar:

  • You can get some much-needed self-care time while your children are safely entertained.
  • You can meet other mothers + caregivers in the community and build new friendships.
  • You can learn new skills and techniques that will help you to be a better mother.
  • You can get work done while enjoying a cup of coffee in a comfortable and supportive environment.

If you are a parent in the Carlsbad area, stop by The Lullabar. It is a much-needed place to relax, recharge, and reconnect with yourself and your community.

The Lullabar, Beacon La Costa, 7750 El Camino Real, Suite #5145-5150, Carlsbad CA 92009
Open Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm; Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm

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