Where to Practice Qigong in San Diego

Qigong: the Ancient Art of Energy Healing

Qigong, an ancient form of energy healing that has been used for centuries, has an abundance of health benefits. In this article we will discuss what this traditional practice is and how you can get started learning qigong in San Diego!

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What is Qigong?

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, qigong is a subtle energy healing practice that focuses on healing and disease prevention. This holistic approach to health focuses on the balancing of qi, or life force energy, in order to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Combining gentle movement, meditation, and breathing exercises to achieve this balance, qigong is an excellent way to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost immunity, and more!

Tai chi vs Qigong

The differences between tai chi and qigong are subtle. Both practices are low impact forms of exercises and function as moving meditations.

Tai chi started over 800 years ago as a form of martial arts with philosophical origins. Some of its movements range in complexity due to the more advanced martial arts applications.

Qigong is a wellness practice that has been developing over the past 5,000 years and is fundamentally simple to perform.

Overall, the benefits of tai chi and qigong are closely related. The foundation of both practices have the same elements of breathing, movement and meditation.


Qigong is considered an overall safe and effective practice for people of all ages and levels of fitness, making it an excellent addition to any wellness routine. There are  countless benefits of qigong, which include:

Bone health

A study done with post menopausal women showed a decrease in fractures. The same study also found an increase in bone mineral density and bone formation.

Heart health

Seven different qigong studies with older adults (mean age=61.02) who have a history of disease from sedentary behaviors reported a positive change in blood pressure and heart rate.

Improved balance

Studies done to directly assess balance, fall rates and strength found qigong had significantly improved the balance of sedentary women and elderly healthy adults.

Improved mood

In several studies done for quality of life and improved mood, patients who practiced qigong showed improvements in depression and anxiety.

Other known benefits include:

Qigong in San Diego

In San Diego, there are many community classes and events offered. If a community setting isn’t right for you, you can start at home with this video.

Golden Rishi

Offering both qigong and tai chi, Golden Rishi offers private and group classes in Kearny Mesa. Golden Rishi also offers qigong every Saturday at Junipero Park.

Hatch Gatherings at Fox Point Farms

This new “agrihood” in Encinitas offers daily yoga and wellness classes, including Qicore — a set of six easy to learn qigong exercises designed to alleviate back pain and strengthen your core.

Taoist Sanctuary

Offering qigong every Tuesday and Friday, the Taoist Sanctuary also has Chen style taijiquan classes which is an ancient martial art.

Qigong For Life

Offering classes and workshops in-person or on zoom, Qigong For Life offers classes as a packaged series.

Qigong is a powerful, yet gentle way to improve your health and well-being. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder this ancient practice is becoming more popular in the Western world. If you’re interested in trying qigong, check out the resources available above to get started in San Diego!


DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting a qualified healthcare provider.

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