Podcast: Culinary Mindfulness + Mindful Eating with Tara Middleton

Tune in to the Wellness in San Diego podcast for weekly conversations with local biz owners + changemakers across food, health, movement, wellbeing + spirituality. This week, Chef Tara Middleton shares her personal health journey, how she healed with food and how she now crafts intentional multi-sensory experiences for wellness workshops and retreats here in San Diego and abroad.

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Season 3, Episode 5: Culinary Mindfulness + Mindful Eating with Chef Tara Middleton

Join us as we sit down with the extraordinary Chef Tara Middleton, a classically trained chef who not only crafts intentional sensorial experiences with food but has triumphed over her own health challenges in the process.

Chef Tara opens up about how she navigated her own health challenges while living abroad, discovered a new way of working with food and turned this new-found knowledge into a source of inspiration for her culinary creations. Chef Tara also shares tips for finding balance during the holidays and how intentional planning is critical when crafting a culinary experience at your next wellness retreat.

Join us for a conversation that transcends the kitchen, exploring the profound connection between food, senses, and well-being. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or just beginning your culinary adventure, this episode promises to leave you inspired and hungry for more!

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