7 Remote Work Wellness Tips

7 Tips for Improving Wellness When Working Remotely

Working remotely can be tough on your body, mind, and spirit if you’re not careful. It’s crucial to keep healthy to ensure productivity. From self-care to getting enough physical activity, these seven remote work wellness tips can help you stay fit and well, so you can get the most out of your workday.

Remote Work Wellness Stretching

1. Self-Care

The foundation of remote work wellness is self-care. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to do your best work? Go to bed early, meditate daily, find some quiet time — whatever helps you make it through your day while keeping stress at bay.

Self-care can also include setting boundaries with work — setting strict working hours, removing work email from your personal phone and saying no to additional projects. Creating limits around working may feel challenging so taking one small step at a time could give you the confidence you need to set additional boundaries when the need arises.

2. Exercise

Engaging in exercise is one of the best ways to improve your productivity. Exercise releases endorphins, “feel-good” hormones that help you feel happy and positive throughout the day. It can also help you sleep better by keeping your stress levels down. So whether you take walks during breaks or head out for a morning jog with friends on weekends, make time to exercise.

Can’t get away? Here are some tips on how to create and maintain a sustainable desk exercise routine.

Tip: Schedule in exercise on your work calendar just like you would for a meeting. Block off your calendar and stick to your commitment to making time for yourself and your health! A habit tracking sheet can be a great way to chart your progress.

3. Nutrition

Eating healthy is crucial for wellness. Not only can proper nutrition keep you feeling and looking good, but it also gives you that much-needed energy boost to get through a workday.

If you don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen making homemade meals, try preparing a few of your favorite recipes at once and portioning them out in containers to use throughout the week. Stick to healthy habits at lunch (or start new ones!) with these 16 healthy and easy lunch ideas.

4. Sleep

It’s vital to get enough restful sleep. Getting seven to nine hours a night helps you maintain focus, keeps your mood even, and improves productivity. It can also help prevent health problems, such as high blood pressure and anxiety.

Tip: Try setting a bedtime alarm, just like you would set an alarm clock for when you need to wake up. A quick and easy remote work wellness hack!

5. Take It Outside

Working from home is great, but it does lend itself to spending too much time inside. When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired at work, try walking outside for 20 minutes in a local park. Fresh air can do wonders and even helps spark creativity.

6. Look and Feel Your Best

When you feel confident, you carry yourself with a spring in your step. You’re more inclined to tackle projects head-on or meet with friends. So even if you’re staying indoors, get dressed and style your hair.

New clothes may help raise your spirits, so search for something cozy and stylish. Versatile loungewear, such as bras, robes, or leggings, can help you feel comfortable whether you’re relaxing at home or keeping up with the kids. Check out our local, sustainable fashion style guide for new wardrobe ideas.

7. Create a Positive Work Area

To produce great work, you need to feel good. Having a cluttered desk can hinder your ability to focus and be productive. Designate a place for everything that needs to go away when you’re at work or attempting to focus. Clean, organize, and declutter to help build a space that inspires positivity, reduces tension, and improves focus.

It’s also important that your work area has the right ergonomic set-up for your overall health – your mind, body and mood. Here are some helpful tips on how to maintain healthy eyes while you work.

A Healthy Remote Work Wellness Routine

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult when working from home. Often, you aren’t held accountable to anyone but yourself, and it can be easy to make excuses about your health. If you want to perform at your best and maintain good mental health, you must have a healthy remote work wellness routine.

Want More Remote Work Wellness Tips?

Head to remoteworkwellness.net or read these additional articles for more remote work inspiration!

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