Movement Matters Collective Celebrates Its Grand Opening in Golden Hill

Movement Matters Collective is celebrating the grand opening of its studio in the Golden Hill neighborhood in San Diego on Sunday, April 23. Read on to learn more about why this studio has quickly gained a following in the community!

movement matters collective latoya mckelvin san diego

Movement Matters Collective, a new fitness and wellness studio located in the Golden Hill neighborhood of San Diego, offers an intentional approach to exercise. The studio emphasizes the importance of movement in daily life and aims to help clients achieve overall health and wellness through group and private in-person and virtual Pilates and yoga classes.

Owner and founder Latoya Mckelvin is a BASI qualified Pilates instructor, certified Yoga instructor and has trained extensively as a dancer. 

“I started this community because of my mom to help our family through the grieving process,” says Latoya. Latoya has recently lost three aunts to late-stage cancer and wanted to create a community to help others heal and restore their own bodies through movement. “When people are just starting their wellness journey, I want this place to erase doubt and fear.”

What sets Movement Matters Collective apart from other fitness studios is its focus on individualized attention and hands-on coaching for people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Classes are kept small to ensure that each client receives personalized instruction and feedback.

In addition to its regular classes and workshops, Movement Matters Collective also hosts regular connection events such as mindful mixers and donation-based park pilates workouts, which raises funds for free prenatal Pilates classes for BIPOC women. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your mobility, prevent injuries, or simply feel better in your body, Movement Matters Collective is a great choice for those in the San Diego area. With its emphasis on movement and community, it’s more than just a fitness studio – it’s a lifestyle.

Visit to view their class schedule and sign up for classes or follow the studio on Instagram @movementmatterscollective. Stop by their grand opening on Sunday April 23, 2-5pm for family-friendly class demos, raffles, refreshments and fun!

Movement Matters Collective, 3014 C St. San Diego CA 92102

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