I Tried It: Science-Based Fitness with The Smart Fit Method

I Tried It: Science-Based Fitness with The Smart Fit Method

Imagine getting a full body workout and achieving major results in just one hour a week. That’s the brand promise of The Smart Fit Method, a new fitness workout concept based on cutting-edge scientific research and the latest smart technology. But does it work? Read on to find out!

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My workout routine had fallen by the wayside during the winter and I had gone into full hibernation mode. I needed to get back on track! I had heard about adaptive strength training before and was curious to learn more, so I stopped by The Smart Fit Method, a new boutique fitness studio in Cardiff/Encinitas to see if it was a good fit.

What is The Smart Fit Method?

The Smart Fit Method is a science-based fitness program that combines smart technology and artificial intelligence to deliver an efficient, personalized training session each time. The ultimate appeal of this method is the promise of outstanding results with only three 20-minute sessions a week! (I don’t know about you, but as a busy working mom, I’ll try anything that can save me time and produce results!)

The first thing I noticed when walking into the studio was the robotic-looking fitness equipment — way different from what you’d see in a regular gym! Instead of free weights, treadmills and 20+ strength training machines, The Smart Fit Method relies on only three workout machines: a cold HIIT machine, an all-in-one strength training machine, and a HIIT bike. So why these three? I soon found out why in my first week of training.

Workout 1: SMART 3 AI-Powered Strength Training

On my first day, Connor Darnbrough, The Smart Fit Method co-founder and a Certified Personal Trainer, walked me through the foundational exercises on the ARX adaptive resistance machine: chest press, row and leg press. You do only 6-8 reps of each exercise but you push and pull as hard as you can while the AI-powered machine adapts the resistance to exactly match your level of strength. The computer software also remembers your previous workouts so you can track your progress and challenge yourself to beat your metrics from the workout before. See it in action:

This method is a great way to get back into strength training if you’re just starting out or have taken a break. If you are an avid lifter, it could be just the thing to challenge you to push harder and get to the next level.

Workout 2: Smart Cold HIIT

My next visit to The Smart Fit Method introduced me to the Smart Cold HIIT Vasper Systems machine. Used by NASA for astronauts with atrophied muscles, the Vasper uses cooling and compression technology combined with a short 21-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout to build muscle, reduce stress and create an efficient hormone response, The Vasper kind of looks like a reclined elliptical machine combined with blood pressure cuffs strapped to your arms and legs while you sit on a cooling mat. It is definitely unlike any other fitness machine I’ve tried! See how it works:

I absolutely LOVE it. Thanks to the cooling bed, neck wrap and cold feet pedals (you don’t sweat!). The cooling also helps to avoid that wear and tear feeling you often get from working out so you bounce back quickly in time for the next workout! (If you’re intimidated by the machine, not to worry, the friendly and helpful Smart Fit personal trainers will help you get set up each and every time!)

Workout 3: Smart Re-HIIT CAROL Bike

The third workout in The Smart Fit Method is all about the cardio. My first impression of the CAROL bike was that it looked like a Peloton bike. But unlike a Peloton bike, the CAROL uses artificial intelligence to optimize resistance to match your cardio fitness level. Again, all about efficiency!

The bike is simple and easy to use and you can really get your heart rate going with the high-intensity sprinting in each session. See how it works:

The Results

The final pillar of The Smart Fit Method isn’t a workout but still uses a machine: the Smart Fit Body Scan. Before your first workout, you undergo a full biometric body scan to map your body fat percentage, muscle mass, body measurements and even your postural alignment. (After not having worked out in a while, I’ll admit — I was not looking forward to seeing my first set of numbers!)

After one month following The Smart Fit Method protocol of three 20-minute personalized workouts each week, I had a 5.1 lb gain in lean muscle mass and a 4.8 lb loss in fat percentage, with a total body fat percentage loss of almost 3%. While my overall weight didn’t change, these other metrics indicate that significant changes are happening!

Some other immeasurable results: my mood has improved, my clothes are fitting better, I am able to stay focused at work, and I find myself moving more throughout the day. I also love that I can achieve these kinds of results without having to put in several hours a week at the gym! It makes me more excited to keep going and also keeps me accountable.

I’m so excited to see where I’ll be in a few months but for right now, I am enjoying each and every workout. And that’s what really matters.

Try It For Yourself!

The Smart Fit Method offers a complimentary workout session and a free body scan for you to try it out for yourself. To book your free training session, visit smartfitmethod.com

The Smart Fit Method

111 Chesterfield Drive #117, Cardiff

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