30 Healthy + Hearty Soup Recipes

30 Healthy + Hearty Soup Recipes

Nothing says Autumn quite like the smell of delicious spice in a warm bowl of soup. Even here, in sunny San Diego, you can begin to feel the weather change with the cooler nights. Below is a list of flavorful, creamy, healthy, hearty soup recipes that are easy to cook and fun to make!

It’s a perfect time to indulge in the blessings of a warm evening fire with a bowl of your favorite soup! Get cooking with these healthy and hearty soup recipes from local San Diego food bloggers.

Vegan + Vegetarian Creamy Soups

Photo Credit: Kitchen Konfidence

Rainbow Chard Soup

This vibrant green rainbow chard soup is made with coconut milk and fennel, making this healthy vegetable into a creamy and sweet delight.  Also includes a recipe on how to pickle your chard stems for a colorful and nutritious add to your delicious soup.

Kitchen Konfidence

Purple Sweet Potato Soup with Cauliflower

Add this antioxidant rich Purple Sweet Potato Soup to your Thanksgiving table this year. Bringing the nutritious power and colors of the rainbow to your family’s diet, this soup is not only healthy but is delicious too.

Family Spice

Curried Cauliflower Soup with Creamy Pumpkin

This easy and flavorful soup is bound to keep you warm and satisfied this Autumn. It has the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy! Make this creamy delight vegan by trading the half and half to whole coconut milk.

Migraine Relief Recipes

Photo Credit: Fueled Naturally

Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

Enjoy this comforting bowl of soup next to a warm fire this Fall and allow your nervous system to relax. This soup has a mouth watering umami taste that fills the body, mind, and soul with ease and rest.

Fueled Naturally

Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Pistachio Harissa Pesto

Craving a nutty flavor in your next soup adventure? Try this recipe for its creamy nutty texture! Made with cauliflower and potato, this soup can fulfill and satisfy you.

E.A Stewart Spicy RD Nutrition

Thai Tom Kha Soup

A little cream, salt, and spice, this soup has it all. It is light, bright, and warming all at the same time. Tom Kha is a Thai coconut soup that is traditionally creamy which is why full fat coconut milk does the trick!

Chef Bai

Vegan + Vegetarian Hearty Soup


Photo Credit: Fueled Naturally

Vegan Mexican Albondigas Soup

This vegan version of the traditional Mexican Albondigas soup uses a meatless ground beef that has the potential of rocking your world with flavor. Also made with potatoes and carrots, this filling soup is hearty and healthy.

Fueled Naturally

Vegan Pozole

Made with the delicious hominy, a traditional Mexican corn that has an unmistakable nutty-sweet flavor, this soup is comforting and filling. This Mexican soup, made vegan, is full packed with flavor and has a home-sweet-home comfort vibe.

Mama Maggies Kitchen

Jackfruit Moringa Tortilla Soup

This soup, packed with wholesome ingredients and superfoods, is not only healthy but also has the potential to heal. One ingredient, moringa, has plenty of antioxidants, which have the ability to lower blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation.

Chef Bai

Easy One Pot Vegan Lasagna Soup

You’ll be reaching for this quick and EASY one-pot, gluten-free, vegan lasagna soup recipe when the craving hits. Packed with veggies, this soup is perfect for your Meatless Monday’s or any day of the year!

E.A. Stewart Spicy RD Nutrition

Photo Credit: Food- A Love Story

Kitch’ + Noodle Soup

A mix between a traditional noodle soup and Kitchari, an Ayurvedic dish, this cook combined two cultures comforting staples. With the use of rice noodles instead of rice grains, she created a restorative bowl of Kitchari & Noodles.

Food- A Love Story

Spicy Roasted Tomato Gnocchi Soup

Made with vegan Italian sausage and the Italian dumpling, gnocchi, this soup is simple and delicious. Perfect at anytime of the year with the option of using either canned or fresh tomatoes.

Chef Bai

Autumn’s Ruby Red Root Soup

Autumn is in the air and this immune boosting soup is here to support you during the dry breeze, short days and cool nights. Ground yourself with this ruby red soup for its comforting and satisfying flavor.

Food- A Love Story

Instant Pot Ash Reshteh

This is a Persian noodle soup that is made with three kind of beans (kidney, garbanzo, and navy), greens and herbs. Usually enjoyed around spring time during the Persian new year, this soup can also be just as satisfying any time of the year.

Family Spice

Greek Escarole Soup with Orzo

This Mediterranean soup is healthy and nutritious! Made with escarole, a bitter green that becomes softer in flavor due to the orzo and Parmesan.

California Greek Girl

Golden Beet Summer Borscht

Since it is always sunny in California, this Golden beet chilled borscht is perfect for those not so cold – Autumn days.  Sweetened with honey and yogurt, this soup is deliciously sweet and creamy.

Liz the Chef

Instant Pot Red Lentil Soup With Yogurt and Mint

Wanting a quick, comforting and nutritious soup? This hearty Instant Pot Red Lentil Soup is beautifully spiced and is perfect for those chilly days.

Kitchen Konfidence

Persian Pomegranate Soup (Ash Anar)

When there is Fall, there is pomegranates! This hearty, Persian Pomegranate Soup (Ash Anar) will nurture your soul with spinach,  yellow split peas and just a tang of pomegranate.

Family Spice

Fish Stews + Chowders

Photo Credit: Saraspe Seafoods

Lauro’s Cioppino

With the recommendation of using a bottom- feeding fish for a rich and flavorful base stock, this soup can be made with your favorite of hearty vegetables and fish. Check out this recipe for some listed options of what to add.

Saraspe Seafoods

Asian Clam Chowder with Oyster Mushrooms

This New England classic gets an Asian twist with the use of water chestnuts and oyster mushrooms. Its creamy texture is bound to soothe your mind and body after a long, cold day.

Family Spice

Bermuda Fish Chowder

This tasty fish chowder was inspired by the novel Censorettes by Elizabeth Bales Frank. It is made with white fish, Worcestershire Sauce and a dash of Rum. With the option of Devilishly Hot Sherry Peppers Sauce, this soup can be the warmth you need on those cold Autumn nights.

Migraine Relief Recipes

Chicken Soups

Photo Credit: Whitney Bond

Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Enchilada Soup

This Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup is an easy 10 minute prep with a deliciously spicy kick! This recipe is a low calorie, simple meal, for those too cold to handle days.

Whitney Bond

Lemony Chicken Soup with Rice

Similar to the Greek soup avgolemono, this Turkish Chicken Lemon Soup is creamy and easy to whip up, even on those busy weeknights. Made with rice, eggs and a dash of pepper, this soup is simply comforting.

Family Spice

Thai Red Curry Chicken Noodle Soup

Bringing the spice of Thai to the comforting traditional chicken noodle soup, this soup is deliciously low- sodium and Paleo.  Garnish it with some shredded carrots and bean sprouts for extra nourishment and contrast.

Migraine Relief

Hearty Meat Stews

Photo Credit: Kirbie Cravings

Low Carb Zuppa Toscana 

This easy, low carb version of the flavorful, creamy Tuscan soup is made with cauliflower instead of potatos. Resembling a lot like the soup served at Olive Garden, this soup can fill you body with ease.

Kirbie Cravings

Oxtail Stew

This stew, that is traditionally from the South of Spain, is made with Sherry and Brandy. With a mix of veggies and a dash of spice, this recipe is a heart warming delight.

Driana Foods

Filipino Sour Tamarind Soup with Pork

A traditional Filipino soup that is characterized by its sour and savory flavor can be cooked with your favorite veggies and meat of choice. Traditionally served with a side of sticky rice, this dish is fully packed with flavor.

From my Impossibly Tiny Kitchen

Photo Credit: Vivacious Dish

Moroccan Lamb Stew

With a sweet scent of smoked paprika, rich cumin and delicate saffron this stew is nurishing and well balanced. The softness of tender lamb and sweet rasins add comfort while the tangy olives and lemon zest add color and vibrancy.

Vivacious Dish

Instant Pot Pozole Verde

This sensational stew is hearty, chunky, and totally delicious. It’s loaded with tender pork and is a quick prep and an easy cook. Check out this recipe to know more!

Mama Maggies Kitchen 

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