Where to Find Women’s Circles in San Diego

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Feeling a need to gather with like-minded women around San Diego? In this article you will discover the importance of women’s circles, the benefits, and where to find a women’s circle in San Diego!

What are Women’s Circles?

Women’s circles are a place where women come together to share goals, stories, and heal. You may find some that incorporate womb healing practices, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, ecstatic dance, astrology, and more.

Many historical women circles are directly tied to menstruation and the moon cycles. Red Tent gatherings, also known as a moon lodge, are traditional all over the world and date back to 800 CE.

3 Benefits to Women’s Circles

From emotional support to guidance, you may find a plethora of benefits at your local women’s gathering. Here are 3 of the top benefits:

Supportive environment

Going much deeper than a casual get together with friends, women’s circles are all about cultivating depth and connection.  Since many women go through life feeling isolated and alone, gathering with like-minded women can show us how universal our struggles truly are.

During a women’s gathering, you can share your deepest fears, thoughts, and dreams. Through this, lasting bonds can be made. If you find yourself bottling up emotions, feeling isolated, or moving through challenging stressors, a women’s circle is a great place to release and flow.


A women’s circle can help you see how wonderful you are. Within this space is an opportunity for your natural gifts, talents and beauty to be seen and shared. Many circles strive to break down competition and jealousy. This can create a safe and powerful space for women to become empowered.

Some women’s circles may even share tools, information and offer lessons on a particular subject.  Surrounded by a community of women, you may find your confidence and sense of self expanding!

Emotional safety

Women naturally deal with stress differently than men through a process known as the tend and befriend response. This response produces a beneficial hormone called oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone.”

Ancestral women knew that by coming together, they felt safer and more able to protect their young from an attack. So when you connect with other women,  you produce even more oxytocin and feel emotionally safe.

DIY Women’s Circle

If you are unable to join a women’s circle close by then another option is to create your own! It may feel daunting at first but you can ask any of your current friends to support you in your vision.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Women: Naturally, of course, you will need to invite women! Invite your current girlfriends, neighbors, or coffee shop baristas to join.
  2. A theme or topic: The sky’s the limit! From tea making ceremonies to song circles, you can choose the hobbies you enjoy most to share.
  3. A venue: Whether it be at your house, a park, your friends place, or one of the top venues in your neighborhood, your divine gathering needs a temple space.

Women’s Circles in San Diego

Architecture of Humanity (Fallbrook)

A monthly woman’s group created for those seeking community and connection led in evidence-based practices. Teachings are rooted in a psychobiological approach, nervous system regulation and somatic integration.

Goddess Code Collective (San Diego)

Offering a variety of workshops, events, and retreats throughout the year, the Goddess Code Collective is a support network of boss babes inspiring feminine empowerment.

Malyssa Heart (Carlsbad)

A ceremonialist, women’s circle facilitator, Kundalini yoga teacher, Rose Lineage activator and Magdalene Rose Priestess, Malyssa Heart offers temple ceremonies to local women.

Immerse Meditation Studio (Pacific Beach)

Hosts monthly full moon goddess circles focused on sharing, meditation, sound healing and other therapeutic modalities.

Laura J. Swan (Carlsbad)

An author, mother, and temple space holder for local women, Laura J. Swan also offers courses, retreat and more.

Lavande Wellness Boutique (La Jolla)

Offering a variety of opportunities for women to gather, you may find events and workshops that utilize cacao, movement and breath.

Nalu Healing Ranch (Morena)

Held on the 1st Sunday of the month, this women’s circle is a collaborative place to talk about pleasure, sex, sensuality, trauma and addiction recovery, and other juicy topics related to a woman’s experience.

Sistership (San Diego)

A place to connect in person with like-minded women–the kind of gals who are doing the work to grow, are interested in having meaningful conversations, and are also down to keep it light and fun. Led by Margy Rose, an empowerment coach, who also leads monthly women’s empowerment circles.

Sojourn Healing Collective (Golden Hill)

This wellness collective offers many women-focused workshops including sisterhood circles, goddess activation and cycle magic workshops.

The House of Light (Vista)

Connect with other mystical women in a sacred space, featuring sound meditation, energy healing, sharing space + different monthly guest speakers.

Trilogy Sanctuary (La Jolla)

This sacred temple hosts a variety of events and workshops. On their events page you may find occasional opportunities for women gatherings.

Yoga on State (Carlsbad)

This sisterhood circle provides a safe space to explore different modalities to enhance trust, healing, connection + self-care.

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