What is Womb Healing? Tips to Heal Your Pelvic Floor

Why Womb Healing Matters

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Desiring to connect deeper with your womb space or heal unresolved sexual trauma? Womb healing is a unique modality that focuses primarily on the pelvic region and its organs. Womb healing can help to release past relationships, heal discomfort and develop a stronger intuition; read on for all the need to know details to start your womb journey!

What is Womb Healing?

With the ability to grow and birth a baby, the womb is a powerful space within the feminine body. Womb healing is for those who are seeking an opportunity to heal unresolved trauma, physical pain, or discomfort. This healing modality can also be supportive for those who have a deep desire to connect with the power of the womb.

Womb healing modalities

There are many different modalities to choose from. Some practitioners may utilize ancient practices like acupuncture, Reiki, and Ayurveda to support the healing of the womb. You can also find womb healing modalities that have a stronger focus on the pelvic floor.

Pelvic Rehabilitation

Pelvic Rehabilitation focuses on making the pelvic floor strong and healthy through habit changes and exercises, Dr. Natalie Dereka, a Pelvic Floor Specialist. This modality can reduce the risk of prolapse, support women after childbirth, and help those who have endometriosis, PCOS and more.

Maya Abdominal Massage

A noninvasive massage technique, Maya Abdominal Massage supports the muscles and connective tissue within the womb space. The intention of this modality is to guide the organs back to their proper position, all the while, release physical and emotional blockages.

Womb Reiki

Taking the practice of Reiki and working specifically with the womb center, Womb Reiki can support the releasing of past lovers, increase clarity and intuition, spark creative energy, revitalize sensuality and remove emotional blockages

Womb Healing DIY

There are many tools available when pursuing womb healing. Here are some of our top picks that you can do for yourself at home!

Yoni steaming

Also known as bajo or pelvic steaming, yoni steaming involves sitting over a steaming pot of water that is infused with herbs. Yoni steams may benefit those who are recovering from postpartum, have hormone imbalances, or need support in easing menstrual cramps.

Read our article on how to get started with yoni steaming.

Castor oil packs

A castor oil soaked cloth that is known to help move qi and blood within the pelvis, this tool may benefit those who suffer from menstrual cramps and menstrual blood clotting.

Herbal tinctures/supplements 

There are many herbs that support womb health. If you are unsure of where to start, seek out a herbalist or health practitioner. Some womb-friendly herbs include, blue cohosh, red raspberry leaf, yarrow and mugwort.

Sound healing

Not only is sound healing a great way to relax, with the right frequency, you can intentionally direct healing vibes to your womb space. There are a variety of womb healing playlists on Youtube for you to check out.

Womb Healing Resources in San Diego

Holistic Pelvic Coaching (An at-home service)

A Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in the Pelvic Floor, Natalie Dereka is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who implements conventional and integrative medicine in order to help patients from a foundational level.

Sacral Spaces (San Diego)

A licensed Chinese medicine doctor, herbalist, and trained postpartum doula and Holistic Pelvic Care™ provider, Maggie Flood created Sacral Spaces for women who desire full spectrum healing.

Rebirth Maya Massage (San Diego)

Rebirth is a wellness center that specializes in massage therapy for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. They offer Maya abdominal massages, yoni steams, prenatal massages and postpartum healing.

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