VibeFlow Yoga Shakes Up San Diego Fitness Scene

Del Mar’s VibeFlow Yoga Shakes Up San Diego Fitness Scene

Update: As of 8/20/22, VibeFlow Yoga in Del Mar is closed. We will update this article when they reopen in a new location.

San Diego’s newest yoga concept, VibeFlow Yoga, is an immersive yoga experience that combines traditional yoga with Whole Body Vibration technology. Read on to learn more about what to expect in a VibeFlow yoga class!

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The first of its kind in the fitness world, VibeFlow Yoga combines immersive audio and Whole Body Vibration technology to deliver a unique, next-level yoga experience. Located in Del Mar’s One Paseo, VibeFlow Yoga looks similar to any other boutique fitness studio except for one difference — the studio floor features a dozen charcoal gray vibrating plates about the size of a yoga mat. This technology is called whole-body vibration, a promising training technique that provides myriad health benefits, and it is the cornerstone of the VibeFlow Yoga method.

What exactly is whole-body vibration training and how does it work?   

You may have seen new whole-body vibration machines in fitness centers but in fact, the technology is centuries old. Ancient Greeks used vibrating machines to help soldiers to recover from injuries, Russian scientists used vibration therapy to stimulate bone density and muscle growth in cosmonauts, and modern day researchers are exploring the use of whole-body vibration training to reduce pain, improve muscle strength and aid in weight loss

The latest Whole Body Vibration technology training techniques use a simple platform that vibrates and shakes at a specific frequency, 10hz up to 60hz. Because the platform is unstable, your muscles have to contract and relax much faster and use much more energy than if you were to do the same movements on firm, stable ground.

What is a VibeFlow Yoga class like?

At VibeFlow Yoga, this same Whole Body Vibration technology is incorporated into a traditional yoga flow or sculpt class through the use of vertically vibrating plates set to frequencies of 20hz to 60hz, depending on your comfort or fitness level. The fast vibrating causes one’s muscles to contract about 40% more than they normally would, according to VibeFlow Yoga, which builds strength quicker and speeds up recovery, while also improving overall balance.

The vibrating plates are on for only about 20-25 minutes during the class, allowing you to warm up and cool down on stable ground. Because the plates do generate quite a bit of noise, VibeFlow Yoga provides wireless headphones so you can hear the instructor’s voice and music at your preferred volume. 

During class, you are invited to pause and relax between poses, lower your plate vibration frequency, turn up your headset volume — you are in control to tailor the experience to your needs and fitness level. The end result is a fully immersive and energizing experience that activates your entire body from head to ears to toes.

VibeFlow Yoga class offerings

VibeFlow Yoga offers three distinct class styles: 

  • VINYASA: free-flow Vinyasa yoga experience for all levels 
  • SHRED: high intensity, yoga sculpt class with light weights
  • RESTORE: slower paced, longer held poses to relax, lengthen muscles and reduce joint pain

Each 50-minute class features VibeFlow Yoga’s immersive audio experience and incorporates the vertically vibrating plates for about 20-25 minutes.

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