Podcast: Intuitive Eating with Jody Vining

Wellness in San Diego Podcast: Episode 15 Intuitive Eating with Jody Vining

Tune in to the Wellness in San Diego podcast for weekly conversations with local biz owners + changemakers across food, health, movement, wellbeing + spirituality. This week we chat with Jody Vining, holistic health coach, about the transformative power of intuitive eating and pursuing a whole-foods and/or plant-based diet.

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Episode 15: Intuitive Eating with Jody Vining, Holistic Health Coach

We’ve all heard the saying that “food is medicine.” But what if food is also a gateway to a stronger intuition + a more authentic way of living??

In this week’s episode, we dive in deep into the concept of intuitive eating with holistic health coach, Jody A. Vining. She shares:

  • what it feels like to live in a “healthy body”
  • why whole foods matter
  • exploring a new way of eating
  • listening to your intuition
  • what we might be overlooking on a whole-foods or plant-based diet
  • speaking + acting with intention

About Jody Vining:

Jody is a certified holistic health coach + yoga instructor who helps people figure out what eating lifestyle works best for you + your body.

Website: jodyavining.com
YouTube: Jody Vining

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