Maya Moon Collective Chocolate Cafe Arrives in Normal Heights

Maya Moon Collective Chocolate Cafe Arrives in Normal Heights

The newest chocolate cafe in San Diego offers ceremonial drinking cacao, vegan and gluten-free chocolate desserts, and community wellness events.


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Located on Adams Avenue in the heart of Normal Heights, Maya Moon Collective is a new chocolate cafe offering ceremonial cacao drinks, organic chocolate desserts, and a warm and welcoming gathering space for community events. The cafe is founded by local chef and chocolatier, Kathryn Rogers, well known for her Maya Moon Co. artisan chakra chocolate truffles and ceremonial drinking cacao mixes.

The seasonal chocolate cafe menu from pastry chef Edna Carola Mawhinney revolves around organic whole ground cacao from Peru and Ecuador. All desserts are gluten-free, several are vegan, and all are naturally sweetened with zero-refined sugars. Those looking for a savory bite will be satisfied with herbaceous salads, quiches and vegan toasts.


Maya Moon Co. Drinking Cacao | Instagram

The ceremonial drinking cacao is the true standout. Maya Moon serves seven unique drinking cacaos — whole ground cacao blended with natural herbs, spices and adaptogens to provide an extra health boost.

“So many companies advertise raw cacao powder which is actually a product extracted from the whole cacao beans after they have been fermented and roasted,” says Kathryn. “We are proud to offer whole ground cacao in all of our drinks: no extraction. This makes our cacao ultra rich and creamy, full of healthy fats and antioxidants, and a whole food.”


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Plus, all of Maya Moon’s cacao is sourced directly from fair trade farmers in South America.

“We first met our cacao farmers at the Craft Chocolate conference, hosted by the Fine Chocolate Industry Association. The craft chocolate industry is continually evolving, so it’s great to be able to work together to meet consumer demand and to push the field in sustainability. ” says Kathryn. “The farmers we work with are excited to collaborate to develop the most delicious, high quality products, and we are excited to support them and their communities.”

Cacao is also a natural pairing for relationships, community, and togetherness. Rich in a chemical called theobromine, cacao is in fact a cardiovascular stimulant. To honor the heart opening qualities of cacao and the warmth of community, the Maya Moon Collective cafe features locally made products and art. The San Diego chocolate cafe will also soon host wellness events, similar to the cacao meditation and sound bath experience on offer at their grand opening.

“During COVID, we saw more than ever the importance of community. We all need spaces where we can feel supported to gather comfortably, to enjoy a delicious drink, and to support something greater than ourselves – sustainability,” says Kathryn.

Upcoming events will include a weekly organic flower market, yoga, meditation, sound healings, and experiential workshops. To learn more, visit

Tuesday-Thursday, 8am-4pm

Friday-Saturday, 10am-10pm

Sunday, 10am-6pm

3349 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

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