How a San Diego Mom Helped Her Daughter Heal With 5 Simple Ingredients

How a San Diego Mom Helped Her Daughter Heal with 5 Simple Ingredients

The idea for ANSHI’s transdermal rubs was born at the hospital bedside of the daughter of founder Janelle Noble Donovan. Learn how these simple ingredients helped her daughter recover and how you can use these simple but powerful rubs to boost your everyday health.


The idea behind ANSHI transdermal rubs came at a critical moment in time. Founder and CEO Janelle Noble Donovan’s daughter Reagan was in the hospital due to infections and was intubated, which meant she couldn’t take anything by mouth for the pain. In a moment of desperation, Janelle created a simple topical rub with turmeric and other natural ingredients to help ease the pain.

And it worked.

“The rubs she created featured nature’s most powerful ingredients like turmeric, peppermint, aloe and pink himalayan salt,” says Elle Lamere, ANSHI’s Marketing Manager. Through trial and error, “she found turmeric was helping topically with pain and swelling, peppermint with fevers, aloe with bloating, and the pink salt was helping with circulation and dry skin.”


Made with All-Natural ingredients

All of ANSHI’s products start with a simple pink salt base of only five food grade-level ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, pink himalayan salt, vitamin E oil and beeswax. The product varieties are then customized with a single-source ingredient such as ground turmeric, aloe vera gel or an essential oil like peppermint or lavender. Then the product is whipped into a very thick, creamy, luxurious rub that you can apply to your entire body.

“It’s a product that can go on your feet to your face. It can be used for health and for beauty. It’s very multi-purpose and can be used universally, as a rub, shower or bath soak,” says Elle. “We even have our community telling us different ways to use it.”


The benefits of turmeric

The most popular product in the ANSHI line is the Total Healing Turmeric transdermal rub. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can help alleviate pain and swelling in joints and muscles, rejuvenate facial skin, calm eczema and heal cracked feet.

“Our turmeric rub is the first on the market with high concentration [of turmeric]. There’s tons of creams out there with turmeric in it but it’s such a tiny, tiny amount and listed as the 15th ingredient, whereas turmeric is a main ingredient in many of our rubs,” says Elle. “And it doesn’t stain your skin!”

Making an Impact

In addition to their main product line, ANSHI also releases limited edition products to raise money for different charities and causes. The latest release, Limited Edition Soothing Lavender, is raising money for those living with Rett Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that is usually diagnosed in early childhood and affects a child’s physical, mental and emotional development. 50% of the product’s profits will go to families impacted by Rett Syndrome.

“Rett’s syndrome is the condition that Reagan has,” says Elle. “So it’s very close to home for all of us here at ANSHI. Obviously Reagan is a huge part of the team.”

ANSHI transdermal rubs can be found at local farmer’s markets, several stores in San Diego and Los Angeles, and online at

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