The Best Health + Wellness Gifts in 2023

The Best Health + Wellness Gifts in 2023

Our wellness gift guide is full of the best local health + wellness gifts to elevate your (or your loved one’s) mind, body and spirit. Read on to find the perfect tonic, tincture and more!


Plus, all of the products featured in this gift guide are from San Diego-based companies! Scroll down to find the perfect health and wellness gifts for friends and family.

health wellness gift guide bubs natural

BUBS Naturals Collagen Peptides, $47

Perfect pick-me-up for after a workout or just any time to strengthen your skin, hair, nails, joints – pretty much your whole body! SHOP NOW


LEEF Organics Citrus Collection, $83

Re-charge and re-energize with LEEF’s CBD Vital C Gummies to give you that mid-day pick me up, Citrus CBD Bath Tea to replenish your body, CBD Grapefruit Body Scrub to energize your skin, and a Citrus + Tropical Room Spray to cleanse the air, mind, and linen.  SHOP NOW

GOWITHTHEFLOW Wellness Gifts Guide

Happy Healthy Hippie Go With the Flow, $30

A 100% plant-based supplement that supports hormonal balance, PMS relief + reducing bothersome physical symptoms. A balancing blend of maca root, chasteberry, dong quai + black cohosh. SHOP NOW

health wellness gift guide fuel thy cells sea moss

Fuel Thy Cells Aloha Sea Moss, $35

Fuel Thy Cells’ Sea Moss is made from 100% Irish Sea Moss. Just one spoonful can help you get dozens of extra minerals your body needs to thrive. This mango-flavored sea moss adds a bright punch to your smoothies, tea or jam. SHOP NOW

Wellness Gift Guide 2022 Cleban

Cleban & Daughters Nocturne (Sleep) Tincture, $42

Gift the gift of good sleep with Cleban & Daughters Nocturne tincture, made with organic passionflower, skullcap, valerian and California poppy extracts. SHOP NOW

soap and soul lisa bronner

Soap & Soul by Lisa Bronner, $26

Lisa Bronner, granddaughter of Dr. Bronner’s founder, presents Soap & Soul, a practical guide to green living including how to use Dr. Bronner’s versatile products and how to live a simple, practical low-tox life. SHOP NOW

Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind, $39

A daily 100% vegan nootropic, evidence-based supplement designed to enhance cognitive function, productivity, energy levels + mood and support long-term brain health. Use code LOCALLYWELL for 15% off your order.  SHOP NOW

Bloomwell Incense Fragrances San Diego 4

Bloomwell Small Batch Incense, $18

A perfect stocking stuffer! Each of Bloomwell’s custom-blended, small batch-incense sticks are made with quality ingredients to ensure quality, long lasting aroma (they burn for up to 75 minutes a stick!) Favorite scents include the Lavender Sage and Black Santal.
DailyWellness 600x Paleo Paw

Paleo Paw Daily Wellness CBD Oil, $59

Rebalance and harmonize your dog’s overall wellness, with pure whole flower CBD extract oil. Helps alleviate chronic pain, arthritis, cancer symptoms and stress/anxiety. SHOP NOW

Spa + Wellness Studio Gift Cards

The ultimate wellness gift: a gift card to their favorite massage, acupuncture, spa or wellness studio! Support your local wellness practitioners and purchase a gift card today.


All information provided about these herbs, supplements and products is for educational purposes only. Please note that this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.Please research and understand the effects, contraindications, dosages, etc. about the listed products before you purchase or use them. This is especially important if you are ill, pregnant or nursing, administering it to children or the elderly. If you are taking medications or other herbal supplements/remedies, please consult your physician about adding herbals and supplements to your health regimen.

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