New Fitness Collective Opens in Pacific Beach

The El T3mplo indoor/outdoor gym on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach has expanded to become the Fitness Collective Pacific Beach, an all-in-one wellness + fitness destination. 

fitness collective pacific beach san diego

The new Fitness Collective Pacific Beach offers fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to strengthen their mind, body and spirit using four different modalities under one roof: functional fitness, yoga, barre and recovery wellness. 

El T3mplo: Functional Fitness + Physical Training

El T3mplo’s workouts encompass bodyweight movements, HIIT training and calisthenics to give you and your muscles a full body workout. Think bootcamp / high-intensity training for enhanced physical strength and better body composition. The workouts take place inside the Fitness Collective’s spacious indoor gym as well as outdoor space for sprinting, rope climbs + more.

Kinara Yoga

Kinara Yoga offers yoga classes in multiple styles (vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yin / yang) in a beautiful, small + modern studio inside the Fitness Collective. Since Kinara is housed under the ‘fitness’ moniker, there is more emphasis on the Western style form + fitness flow than on the Eastern spiritual approach to yoga. Classes are offered from 7am-12pm and 5:45-8:00pm Monday-Friday and two Saturday am classes.

kinara yoga pacific beach san diego

The Bar Studio

Rounding out the fitness offerings, The Bar Studio’s six barre classes are a unique blend of barre, cardio and bodyweight strength training to hone in on certain focus areas: sculpting, cardio, high-intensity, fusion, mat work + combo. The studio gives a high energy vibe with different LED lights, uplifting music + essential oils being pumped in through the vents while you work out. Classes primarily run on Mondays-Wednesday mornings + evenings.

the bar studio san diego pacific beach

Recovery Wellness

The Fitness Collective has partnered with Hilom Acupuncture to provide cupping and acupuncture as a recovery technique for its members. Members can book sessions on Wednesdays-Sundays. Cold plunges, stretching and other modalities are also on offer.

hilom acupuncture fitness collective pacific beach

Fitness Collective Pacific Beach Memberships + Classes

You can stop in for a drop-in class or sign up for a membership with an individual fitness method  (El T3mplo, Kinara Yoga or The Bar Studio) or the combined Fitness Collective membership which grants you access to all three. 

The Fitness Collective is offering a two-week free trial of all classes between now and Oct 31.

Visit their Instagram page to learn more.

Fitness Collective Pacific Beach, 875 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109

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