Guide to Animal Energy Healing + Reiki in San Diego

Guide to Animal Healing + Reiki in San Diego

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Energy healing can help all living beings, animals and humans included. Read on to learn more about the many types of energy healing for animals and how to find a local energy healing practitioner here in San Diego that’s right for you and your pet.

Energy Healing For Animals Reiki San Diego

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a way to restore balance to the energy field of a living being. All living beings are composed of energy, which surrounds and flows through the body. When the energy is stuck or cannot pass through the body easily, it can lead to physical, emotional or spiritual dis-ease.

Energy healing can help to address:

  • Chronic pain and arthritis
  • Emotional stress, depression and anxiety
  • Energetic imbalances such as fatigue or hyperactivity
  • Physical ailments such as poor digestion, tumors + cysts, blood pressure, weight loss/gain or other chronic health conditions

There are many different approaches and modalities for energy healing, including massage, Reiki, acupuncture, yoga, reflexology, sound healing, healing hands and many more. Learn more about the different types of energy healing >>

How can energy healing help my pet?

Energy healing can be particularly helpful when your pet is exhibiting behavioral or emotional issues. Since they aren’t able to articulate their feelings with words, energy medicine can help their body to express their emotions and release any trauma or pent-up feelings.

“I worked with Tegan, a Schnauzer, who was a brilliant dog and she had all these awards in training. But she was being aloof and pushing her sister around,” says Kata Boudreau, certified animal healer and crystal healing practitioner. “Her heart chakra was completely closed due to past trauma, and you can’t ‘untrain’ trauma. Certain things need to be healed energetically.”

What to expect in an animal energy healing session

In the first energy healing session, the animal healer will do an initial assessment of your pet to gain an understanding of the underlying issues. They will ask about your pet’s medical history and any medications, origin story (rescue / non-rescue, parents’ history, etc.), temperament and any recent changes in behavior, diet and appetite, exercise habits, and any other pertinent information.

After the intake process the healer will do an energy assessment, which is done by placing their hands on the animal to feel the energetic flow through their body and note any blocked areas that may need to be cleared. Acupuncturists may also check the animal’s pulse, look at their tongue and conduct other assessments.

The healer may use other tools like sound healing instruments, crystals, gentle movements to help activate and move the energy through.

After the assessment, the healer will communicate their findings and discuss next steps, which might be to make modifications to the animal’s daily routine or health habits and schedule follow up sessions.

DIY energy animal healing

You can also try doing energy healing on your pet at home as a supplementary activity to your visits to an animal healer.

“Simply place your hands on your pet and get into a meditative state. Feel the connection to your pet’s heart and communicate with it,” says Boudreau. Send loving-kindness thoughts, messages, white healing light energy or just the feeling of love to your pet. “Everyone can do that!”

Nature, sunshine and water are also a healing balm for all living beings. If your pet is up for it, take them with you to the beach, on a hike or spend more time outside in your yard.

Animal Energy Healing, Animal Reiki + Acupuncture in San Diego

If you are looking for an animal communicator or energy healing practitioner, here are a few local practitioners to contact:

Animal Acupuncture + Rehabilitation Center (La Jolla)

A Traditional Chinese Medicine-based clinic for companion animals. Services include acupuncture, physical rehabilitation and hydrotherapy, herbal medicine and nutritional counseling.

Animal Healing Center (Morena)

A comprehensive holistic veterinarian clinic offering acupuncture, chiropractic care, herbal medicine, and nutrition therapy.

Cabrera Animal Wellness (Encinitas)

Offering canine + equine massage, acupressure and Reiki services from a team of certified animal wellness practitioners.

DogLove San Diego

Erika Taylor is a certified dog trainer/animal Reiki practitioner who uses Reiki to help stressed, sick or injured animals start their own self-healing process.

Loving Hands Animal Healing

Kata Boudreau is a certified Healing Touch for Animals practitioner and offers in-person and virtual energy therapy, crystal healing and aura clearing sessions for both people and their animals.

PawsTalk Animal Communication + Reiki

Lisa Larson is an animal communicator and certified Reiki and Kahi practitioner who uses intuitive abilities to communicate and assess the underlying issues along with energetic healing techniques to help cleanse and balance the animal’s energy.

Two Hearts Animal Healing

Jennifer is a certified Level 2 practitioner and offers in-person and virtual Reiki healing sessions for both animals and their humans. Sound baths and animal communication services are also available.

South San Diego Veterinary Hospital (Otay Mesa)

Offering holistic veterinary services including Traditional Chinese Medicine, reiki, acupuncture and healing touch.

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