5 Tips to Avoid Vata Imbalance

5 Tips to Prepare for the Vata Season

Ready for the Fall season? No worries if not, Ayurveda has got you covered! Learn more about how this ancient practice can support you this upcoming season to avoid a vata imbalance. Plus a list of Ayurvedic practioners in San Diego!

vata imbalance ayurveda dosha

About the Vata Season

Once the Fall season hits we are introduced to a new environment. The air becomes drier and colder, the wind picks up in motion and we suddenly find ourselves wanting warm soups and drinks.

The composition of the Vata season includes, cold, dry, light, clear, and moving. It is important to lean towards the opposite qualities, shares ayurvedic practitioner Zarah Kravitz.  “Like increases like,” she adds.

Tips for Preparation

Qualities like warmth, stability, structure and hydration can support a balanced system during this season. Regardless of your dosha, following these tips below can help you avoid having a vata imbalance this Fall.

Focus on lubrication

Since the season will be drier, adding wet qualities will help balance out the body. “The opposite quality of dry is actually oil (not water) or sneha in sanskrit,” says Kravitz.

This can be done by adding healthy fats into the diet, like avocados, fish, whole eggs, ghee, nuts and chia seeds. Another way to hydrate your body is through abhyanga, an Ayurvedic self oil massage

With this tip, those who are predominantly Pitta or Kapha need to be careful with the amount of oil they add to their diet, adds Zarah Kravitz.

Eat a fall diet

Moving away from Summer foods and into fall foods is an important step for all doshas, shares Kravitz.

Since the vata season is light and airy, eating a diet of squashes, beets, and potatoes can help stabilize and ground the body.

Another pro tip is to reduce your raw food intake and eat foods that are cooked and warm. Soups, fruit compotes, and teas can be a great friend during this transition and reduce the vata imbalance.

vata imbalance ayurveda dosha

Embrace a routine

A great time to get back into your routine, the irregular quality of the Vata season is a reminder to embrace stability and structure.

Establishing a morning routine, eating at the same time each day, and following a rhythmic sleeping schedule can help ease the turbulent vata.

Make time for yourself

Too much activity and stimulation can irritate vata. Saying no and incorporating “me time” is a wonderful practice for the vata season. 

Incorporating pranayama, meditation, or nature walks can be a supportive tool to contracting the turbulent vata qualities.

Keep the colon moving

Constipation is a common symptom in Fall. The colon is one of vata’s main centers. If your stool is dry, a warm cup of flax milk with a teaspoon of ghee before bed can help lubricate the gut.

Soaked raisins or prunes can also be of support in keeping your colon moving this Fall.

Ayurvedic Practitioners in San Diego

Ayurveda on State

Zarah Kravitz is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, has dedicated the past 14 years to working internationally with clients, individually and in group settings, leading cleanse programs, teaching yoga classes and workshops, hosting retreats, and facilitating  Ayurvedic cooking classes and nutrition programs.

Sealevel Skincare

Katrina Amato, an ayurvedic esthetician offers customized treatments using powerful whole plant ingredients that will help hydrate, soothe, and balance the skin.

AyurVida Wellness Clinic 

Christianne Madrazo, a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner applies her deep understanding of pathophysiology and disease management to find the root cause which initiated her clients disorder.

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