New Conscious Dating Community Launches in San Diego

Enkindled Singles, a new community for impact-driven singles, is a refreshing alternative to the superficiality and swiping fatigue of modern dating apps. Read on to learn more about their purpose-driven community events and conscious approach to dating in San Diego.

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Nicole Medina knew there must be a better way to meet like-minded beyond the superficial dating apps and tiresome dating events.

“I moved to San Diego not that long ago, and I found it a struggle meeting people,” says Nicole. “I went to a speed dating event in La Jolla, which I left feeling a little disheartened — like is there something more?”

Ashley Collins, too, had tired of the dating apps and wanted to connect with those who care about making a difference in the world.

“I lived in San Diego my whole life and it’s always the same people that keep recycling through [the apps],” says Ashley. “You want to meet somebody when you’re doing something that shows who you really are.” 

After meeting on a home build in Mexico, Nicole and Ashley were inspired to create Enkindled Singles, a conscious dating movement designed for purpose-driven singles who care about making a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

“We believe in dating with purpose,” says Ashley. “We want to create a conscious community safe space where singles can meet other singles who are aligned with their values and passions, while having fun participating in monthly events of service days, connection and play.” 

Conscious Singles Dating Events in San Diego 

enkindled singles conscious dating san diego

Enkindled Singles’ in-person curated events provide a safe and fun space for singles to connect with others who value conscious living and giving back to the community.  The community events range from nights out on the town, fitness events, healthy relationship workshops, service events and beach cleanups. Enkindled Singles also plans to host conscious networking and mastermind events to spotlight the businesses and work of its members. 

“This is all about building multiple relationships, friendships, partnerships, networking relationships. If we meet the love of our life in the process — then bonus!” says Nicole.

Enkindled Singles’ first community event is a Conscious Connection Evening on Tuesday, April 18th, from 7-9 p.m. at Maya Moon Collective in Normal Heights, featuring cacao, live music and engaging activities. Portions of the ticket proceeds will go toward a home build in Ensenada, Mexico.

“Each event is always going to be linked to a nonprofit or a charity and part of the proceeds are going to go back to something bigger and better,” says Nicole. 

How to Join Enkindled Singles

Want to make a conscious connection? You can join the Enkindled Singles movement by filling out the contact form:

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